Detectores de gas, analizadores, alarmas y gases de calibracion
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BACHARACH  0019-8117

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BACHARACH 0019-8117
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Analizador Bacharach Monoxor Pluscon sensor electroquímico de Monóxido de Carbono (CO) 0-2000 ppm. Pantalla LCD fácil de leer. Visualización en tiempo real con gráfica de tendencia. Alimentado por batería. Sensoresplug-n-play. Incluye sonda, ensamblaje de manguera, manual de instrucciones y estuche duro. Aprobado por CE.

$550.00 Dls    

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Features & Benefits:
  • Easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD screen with backlighting
  • Fast, accurate measurement of CO (in 1 ppm increments) as well as ambient + and flue gas temperatures * (with optional thermocouples) and differential temperature capability
  • Real-time display with trending graph, CO ambient test, self-diagnostics, calibration reminders and 10-record internal memory
  • Internal diaphragm pump with detachable probe & hose assembly (optional inline NOx filter available)
  • Default CO alarm setting with user-changeable set-point
  • Minimum 20 hours of run-time on 4 AA replaceable batteries
  • “Plug-n-play” B-Smart ® pre-calibrated sensors enable simple in-field replacement for convenience and low cost of ownership.
Advanced, Easy-To-Use Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

Bacharach’s Monoxor ® Plus is an advanced, yet affordable, portable carbon monoxide analyzer that delivers quick, accurate CO (0 - 2,000 ppm) and optional temperature measurements for residential and commercial contractors, safety technicians and weatherization specialists to efficiently perform indoor air quality and safety checks. In addition to ambient air CO readings, its probe and hose assembly (with water trap/filter) enables direct CO sampling of flue gases, residential furnaces, gas appliances or commercial boilers. Analysis is instant and intuitive with push-button operation, selectable display options and easy set-up. Its inactivity shut-off feature is disabled when CO readings exceed 50 ppm.

Designed for Consolidators and Reclaimers

With the global mandate to significantly reduce the supply of R22 availability by replacing it with many new refrigerants, understanding which refrigerant you are working with becomes critical business information. Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology determines the weight concentrations of refrigerants and provides a component breakdown of the blend ratios and air. ’Blend-Chek Pro’ analytical software quickly and accurately identifies and analyzes common 400 Series refrigerants including R404A, R407C and R410A. Pur•ChekTM Pro automatically determines the purity of refrigerants reducing the potential for human error.

Made in the USA, the Monoxor ® Plus provides reliable, long-running performance in a handheld unit and utilizes exclusive B-Smart ® pre-calibrated CO sensor technology to enable in-field sensor replacement and minimize instrument downtime and maintenance costs. An optional reporting kit with wireless IrDA magnetic printer for documenting time/date coded results is available as well as PC software for custom configuration.

Efficient Readings

The Monoxor ® Plus reduces service call times by providing accurate, electronic test results instantly

Accurate Operation

Tactile feedback from the instrument’s keypad assures that the appropriate key has been pressed

Ergonomically Designed

The instrument is light and fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to handle.

Long Battery Life

Four replaceable alkaline batteries typically provide over 20 hours of continuous operation. An automatic inactivity shut-off feature helps to conserve battery life.

Featuring B-Smart ® Sensors

The B-Smart ® Sensor Exchange Program allows users to replace pre-calibrated sensors in the field, eliminating the need to send the instrument in for calibration. With the B-Smart ® Sensor Exchange Program, you receive factory-calibrated sensors, just plug them in and continue to use your instrument – there’s no downtime and it saves time and money.

Monoxor ® Plus Product Specifications
Measurement Ranges: Carbon Monoxide (CO): 0 - 2,000 ppm in 1 ppm increments
Flue Gas Temperature: -4° F to 1,202° F (-20° C to 650° C) - requires optional probe 0019-7111
Detection Principle: Electrochemical Sensor
Accuracy (CO): ±5% of reading or ±10 ppm (whichever is greater)
Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds minimum; 60 seconds maximum
Display: Monochrome LCD with backlighting
Operating Temperature Range: 23° F to 113° F (-5° C to 45° C)
Operating Humidity Range: 15 - 90% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 8.0”h x 3.6”w x 2.3”d (20.3 cm x 9.1 cm x 5.8 cm)
Weight: 16 oz. with batteries (0.45 kg)
Power: 4 AA Alkaline batteries (included)
Run Time: Minimum 20 hours, typical battery life
Approvals: EN 50270 (CE mark)
Warranty: Instrument, CO Sensor - 2 Years
Display Languages Available: English, French and Spanish

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BACHARACH  0019-7600

Monitor Bacharach Snifit con sensor electroquímico de Monóxido de Carbono (CO) 0-2000ppm. Alertasvisuales, sonorasy vibratorias. Pantalla Gráfica. Compacto y ligero. Batería De Litio. Gabinete IP65. Aprobado por CE Mark.

$239.00 Dls

BACHARACH  0019-7060

Analizador Bacharach Snifit 50 con sensor electroquímico de Monóxido de carbono (CO) 0-1999ppm. Operación de un botón. Control de ajuste cero. Pantalla Digital.

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BACHARACH  0019-8118

Kit con Analizador Bacharach Monoxor Pluscon sensor electroquímico de Monóxido de Carbono (CO) 0-2000 ppm. Pantalla LCD fácil de leer. Visualización en tiempo real con gráfica de tendencia. Alimentado por batería. Sensoresplug-n-play. Incluye impresora, sonda, ensamblaje de manguera, correa para transporte, manual de instrucciones y estuche duro. Aprobado por CE.

$815.00 Dls