Detectores de gas, analizadores, alarmas y gases de calibracion
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GDS  GMIIx-01-032-02/00-000-00/1-0900

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GDS GMIIx-01-032-02/00-000-00/1-0900
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Detector de gas inalámbrico GDS GASMAX IIx con cabeza sensora configurada para Diborano (B2H6) con rango 0-5 ppm. LEDsA1, A2 y de Falla para rápido reconocimiento de alarma. Modem integrado de 900 MHz o 2.4 GHz y salidasestándar de 4-20mA. 24 VDC.

Parte# con Opciones:        GMIIx-01-032-02/00-000-00/1-0900
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(1) Configuración para GDS GMIIx
Cabeza Sensora (Canal 1)
(2) Cabeza Sensora para GDS GMIIx CH1 (gases no reactivos)
(3) Caja de Acero Inoxidable para GasMax
(4) Etiqueta para GM/EC
(5) Estilo de Antena para Gasmax wireless

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The GASMAX IIx gas monitor delivers the latest in wireless toxic or combustible gas detection technology, reliability and ease of use.

Widest Variety of Available Sensors

Advanced electronics allows the GASMAX IIx to support any single GDS Corp electrochemical toxic or bridge-type catalytic bead, infrared or PID sensor. GDS Corp Smart Sensors enhance this capability by maintaining their own record of serial number, born-on date, initial calibration values, engineering units and more. Using this information, the GASMAX IIx constantly tracks sensor performance and calculates an estimate of sensor life remaining.

Advanced User Interface

The highly visible backlit display and high intensity alarm LEDs constantly show alarm status, calibrated engineering values and programmable tag name; a trend screen shows alarm levels and the most recent 30 minute data values. An internal real-time clock and event log time-stamp calibration and alarm events for later review. A menu-driven operator interface using magnetic keys eliminates all analog potentiometers and allows complete setup and calibration without hazardous area declassification.

Fully Integrated Wireless Solution

An internal 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz license- free spread-spectrum wireless modem allows the GASMAX IIx to transmit gas detection data to a remote host controller. Every 6 seconds, the GASMAX IIx samples the atmosphere and transmits a warning signal if the pre-programmed alarm level is exceeded. Under normal “no-gas” conditions the GASMAX IIx transmits a ‘keep-alive’ signal every five minutes to verify communications.

Host Controllers

The GASMAX IIx is designed to communicate with the C1 Protector 8/16 channel controller / receiver or the C2 Quad Protector 4 channel controller / receiver. Both controllers are available with integrated 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz wireless modems.


  • Integrated radio modem enables wireless data transmission
  • Monitor toxic or combustible gases in remote locations without wires
  • Graphic display shows values, units, trend graph, alarm levels
  • Supports both local and remote sensors for easy installation
  • Non-intrusive, prompted calibration with programmable cal gas
  • Power-up and post-calibration delays eliminate false alarms
  • 900Mhz (US) or 2.4Ghz (worldwide) versions available
  • Security settings to lock critical parameters
  • Auto-recognition of Smart Sensors uploads calibration data & more
  • Fault supervision circuitry detects failed sensor & transmits warning
  • Setup in hazardous area requires only simple magnetic wand
  • Typical > 1 mile range with local ‘whip’ antenna (900Mhz)
  • For battery applications, see the GASMAX/ECx gas monitor
  • Manufactured in USA
Determining Wireless Communications Range

The distance at which any wireless connection will operate reliably is dependent on many factors, including terrain, frequency, path length, interference from existing radio sources, combined antenna height, transmitter power and receiver sensitivity. For reliable communication, the system power margin (TX power + RX gain + Antenna gain - Path Loss) must exceed 20 dB. Range can be improved by increasing antenna height, using directional antennas or increasing transmitter power.

Power Input: 10-30VDC at < 3 watts with wireless radio modem.
Display Backlit 64 x 128 pixel LCD with 30-minute trend, bargraph and engineering units display.
Electrochemical Sensor Input Channel 1 accepts microamp-level signals from GDS Corp toxic & oxygen deficiency sensors
Bridge Type Sensor Input Channel 2 provides adjustable excitation voltage for SmartIR, PID and catalytic bead. Can be converted to 4-20mA input.
Standard Output License-free 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz frequency-hopping spread spectrum wireless modem with data encryption
900MHz power adjustable from 10mW to 1.0 watt 900MHz;
2.4GHz output fixed at 50mW
Receiver sensitivity typically -110dBm
Temp -25°C to +65°C (see sensor limitations)
Housing AAluminum with epoxy paint standard; #316 stainless optional
Dimensions Width 5.4” (137 mm), Height 8” (203 mm), Depth 5” (127 mm) Shipping weight 6.5 pounds (3 kg)
Approvals Suitable for XP installations
Warranty 2 years on electronics and one year on sensors.

    10-9532-R02 Sensor Inteligente Electroquímico configurado para Diborano (B2H6) con rango 0-5 ppm. Para detectores GASMAX con gabinete amarillo. ..

    C1/SM/0000/000000/00000 Controlador de Alarma GDsC1 Multipunto con 8 o 16 canales para aplicaciones de alarma y monitoreo. Puede configurarse con detectoresinalámbricos gasMAX. 5 RelésSPDT estándar y hasta 48 relésdiscretos. 1 o 2 tableros de 8 canales con salidasanalógicas de 4 ..

    C2QUAD-00-00000-0-0 Controlador de Alarma C2 Quad Multipunto para detectores de gas/ Transmisores con alarma de 4 canales y pantalla para monitoreo. Acepta o 4 4-20mA, 4 de puente, 2 mA y 2 de puente o dispositivos inalámbricos. Puede configurarse con detectores GASMAX. 2 Re ..

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Detector de gas electroquímico Macurco Serie Ex a prueba de explosión para la detección de Diborano (B2H6) 0-2ppm. Incluye salida de 4-20 mA, tres relés, comunicación RS-485 y pantalla digital LCD. Gabinete de aluminio. IP66. Aprobado por FM y CSA para Clase I División 1.


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GDS  GM/EC-01-32-02

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Detector de gas Detcon DM-100-B2H6 con sensor electroquímico para Diborano (B2H6) 0-5ppm con pantalla con alimentación de lazo (opcional). Salida de 4-20 mA. Incluye dispositivos electrónicos inteligentes, interfaz de operador no intrusiva y detector de fallas. Gabinete de acero inoxidable 316 (opcional). NPT 3/4". Intrínsecamente seguro (XP). Para Clase I, Div. 1, Grupos A, B, C y D.


GDS  GM/ECx-01-32-02-1-0900

Detector de gas GDS GASMAX/ECX inalámbrico de canal simple con cabeza sensora intrínsecamente segura (IS) y a prueba de explosión (XP) configurada para Diborano (B2H6) con rango 0-5 ppm. LEDsA1, A2 y de Falla para rápido reconocimiento de alarma. Modem integrado de 900 MHz o 2.4 GHz.


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GDS  GMCX-01-32-05/00-00-00/0

Detector de gas GDS GASMAX CX de 3 hilos con cabeza sensora local de acero inoxidable configurado para Diborano (B2H6) con rango de 0-5ppm, pantalla a color QVGA TFT, salida de 4-20 mA, puerto Ethernet ModbusTCP RJ-45 con servidor web. Tablero de relés de alarma (4x 5A SPDT) y RTU RS-485 Modbusopcionales. Certificación CSA para Clase I, Div 1, Grupos B, C, D.


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GDS  GM/TX/01-32-05/00-00-00/1-0900

Monitor de gas autónomo GDS GASMAX TX inalámbrico con cabeza sensora de acero inoxidable y sensor integrado configurado para Diborano (B2H6) con rango de 0-5 ppm. Alimentado por batería. Modem integrado de 900 MHz o 2,4 GHz. Pantalla LCD y gabinete de aluminio. Aprobado por FCC e IC.


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