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GDS   95/TX-1-0-1-0-0900

GDS 95/TX-1-0-1-0-0900
Estación de Alarma y repetidor GDS 95/TX para el Monitoreo de hasta 32 monitores de Gas GASMAX inalámbricosremotos. Pantalla LCD grande. FHSsde 900 MHz o 2,4 GHz. 4 relésprogramables. Entrada de 24 VDC. Gabinete NEMA 4X o NEMA 7.

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  • Monitors data from up to 32 GASMAX wireless gas monitors
  • Provides four programmable alarm relays and one fault relay
  • 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz frequency hopping spread spectrum technology
  • Client mode when used with C1 Protector or C2 Quad Protector
  • Supports low-cost, simplified single point alarm configurations
  • Magnetic keypad for non-intrusive operation in hazardous areas
  • Power output adjustable from 10 mW to 1.0 Watt at 900Mhz
  • Repeater mode retransmits all received GASMAX data
  • Typical > 1 mile range with local ‘whip’ antenna (900Mhz)
  • Manufactured in USA

The GDS-95 Alarm Station and Repeater in an integral part of the GDS Corp wire- less gas detection system, providing com- mon alarm relays and range-enhancing RF repeater capability in a single device.

Combined Alarm Status

Able to monitor up to sixteen remote GASMAX gas monitors, the GDS-95 features four common alarm relays (A1, A2, A3 and FAULT) that reflect the status of the remote devices in an “OR” configuration. In addition, the GDS-95 includes a real-time clock and event log that records the time and date of all alarm activation and deactivation events. The four internal SPDT relays are rated at 5A, sufficient to power a local strobe light or audible horn. The status and % full scale reading for any received GASMAX monitor are available via the magnetic keypad-driven, user friendly interface.

Repeater Functionality

If environmental conditions are such that a GASMAX signal cannot reliably reach the designated controller / receiver due to distance or obstructions, the GDS-95 can be programmed to receive and retransmit GASMAX wireless messsages on a channel-by-channel basis. Transmit power is adjustable from 10mW to 1.0 watt for 900Mhz and is fixed at 100mW (ERIP) with a 3dB antenna for 2.4 Ghz.

Cost Effective Solution

Although most systems require the more sophisticated alarming capability found in the GDS Corp C1 Protector or C2 Quad Protector Controller / Receivers, the GDS-95 can be used as the network alarm monitor / RF server in a stand-alone configuration. In this case, the alarm levels are programmed into each remote GASMAX monitor.

The GDS-95 requires an external source of 10-30VDC and is suitable for 12V solar power applications. Options include local or remote strobe lights, horns and direc- tional and omni-directional antennas.

Power Input 24VDC
Display128x64 pixel LCD display
InputWireless 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz transmissions from up to 32 single channel GASMAX TX monitors or 16 dual channel GASMAX TX gas monitors
Relay OutputFour programmable relays (SPDT 5A @ 30VDC / 240VAC resistive load) plus dedicated FAULT relay
Digital OutputNone
Audible OutputOptional local piezo / horn (see option “C”)
Visual OutputOptional local strobe (see option “D”)
Temp-25°C to +50°C operating
HousingAvailable in non-metallic, painted steel and stainless steel enclosure; also available in NEMA 7 explosion proof enclosure. Sunshade recommended if unit is to be installed in direct sunlight or areas where temperature extremes may be expected.
DimensionsNEMA 4X Non-metallic: 11.25” x 13.31” x 7.25”
NEMA 4X – Painted or stainless: 9.84” x 13.65” x 6.2”
NEMA 7: Width 13” x 14.25” x 6.25”
ApprovalsApprovals pending
Warranty2 years from date of purchase
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Codigo Arancelario8531100045
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