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Controlador de Alarma C2 Quad Multipunto para detectores de gas/ Transmisores con alarma de 4 canales y pantalla para monitoreo. Acepta o 4 4-20mA, 4 de puente, 2 mA y 2 de puente o dispositivos inalámbricos. Puede configurarse con detectores GASMAX. 2 Relés 5A SPDT para Alarma 1, Alarma 2, Sirena o Falla. Opera con +24VDC o 117/240VAC 50/60Hz. NEMA 4X Aprobado para áreas de Clase 1 Div 2. CertificacionesDisponibles: CSA y UL. Para aplicaciones con combustibles LEL, Oxígeno y gases tóxicos.


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The C2 Quad Protector Display & Alarm Controller provides signal conditioning, display and alarm functions for up to four critical input variables.


Designed to provide low-cost monitoring for up to four gas sensors, flame detec- tors or similar critical alarm monitors, the C2 Protector controller offers a highly- integrated, complete solution for detection of hazardous conditions. Input options include four 4-20mA analog inputs, four bridge-type direct sensor inputs for combustible or infrared sensors, or four channels of wireless (GASMAX ECx or GASMAX IIx) remote sensor monitoring. Additional “plug-in” options include six 5A SPDT discrete relays, quad 4-20mA outputs, light stacks and audible annuncia- tors.

One popular application for the C2 Quad Protector controller is as a four channel combustible gas detector with four remote catalytic bead or infrared sensors. Alter- natively, two combustible locations may be monitored with one sensor local and another remote.

Real-Time Display

A large graphic LCD screen displays input data as calibrated engineering units, bar- graphs or 30-minute trends. Three adjust- able alarm levels per channel, combined with programmable relays with voting logic allows flexible control of beacons, horns and other warning devices. Highly visible red and yellow LEDs visually indi- cate alarm status at all times. An internal real-time clock and event log maintain a record of calibration and alarm events.

Digitally Connected, Wireless Enabled

An optional RS-485 MODBUS® slave port allows multiple C2 controllers to be multi-dropped on a single data highway. Built-in support for GDS Corp GASMAX wireless gas monitors makes it easy to install and manage a wireless system.

The C2 Protector controller is also 100% compatible with the ProtectorHMI Visualization and Historian software that displays and records data from up to ten C1 Protector or C2 Quad Protector controllers.

Wireless Simplicity

The C2 Quad Protector can support up to four wireless gas monitors such as the GASMAX ECx battery powered toxic gas monitor. The C2 Quad offers an ideal solution for small, portable systems where wireless communications, low power con- sumption and ease of use are critical.


The C2 Protector controller is CSA certi- fied to CSA C22.2 No. 152 for combus- tibles and Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D for use in hazardous areas. An opotional NEMA 7 enclosure allows use in Class I Div 1 areas. Up to 12 watts of 24 VDC power is available for auxiliary devices or transmitters.


  • Accepts up to four 4-20mA, bridge-type or wireless devices
  • Large LCD display shows values, bar-graph and trend data
  • Built-in support for GASMAX wireless gas monitors
  • Two 5A SPDT common relays for Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Horn or FAULT
  • Optional relay board with 6x SPDT for per-channel contacts
  • Optional four channel 4-20mA board for current loop output
  • Operates on either +24VDC or 117/240VAC 50/60Hz
  • ACK button silences HORN with- out affecting alarm relays
  • Relay voting logic reduces need for external hardware
  • Touch and magnetic keys for non- intrusive operation in XP areas
  • Pushbutton zero and span calibra- tion for directly connected sensors
  • NEMA 4x approved for Class 1 Div 2 area without purge
  • MODBUS® slave port for easy interface from master devices
  • CSA certified to C22.2 No 152 for combustible gas detection and ap- proved for Class 1, Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D

Power Input: 24VDC (12 Watt MAX) 85-240 VAC power supply included; up to 12W available for powering remote or local sensors
Display Backlit 128x64 pixel LCD shows trend, bargraph and engineering units; flashing alarm LEDs indicate alarm status
MODBUS I/O Optional slave mode RS-232 or RS-485 MODBUS half or full duplex port 2
Wireless I/O 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz wireless modem. Supports GDS Corp GAS-MAX ECx OR GASMAX IIx wireless sensors or dedicated wireless MODBUS interface to remote master
Relay Output Two common output relays (SPDT 5A @ 30VDC / 240VAC resistive load) configurable for A1, A2, FAIL & HORN;
Optional 6x (SPDT 5A @ 30VDC / 240VAC resistive load) relay board
Analog Output Optional four channel 4-20mA current loop. Max loop R is 800 ohms with nominal 24VDC
Audible Output Optional 100db alarm (NEMA 4X only)
Temp -25°C to +50°C operating
Housing NEMA 4X / IP66 wall-mount approved for Class 1 Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D
NEMA 7 wall-mount approved for Class 1 Div 1 Grp B, C, D
Dimensions NEMA 4X Non-metallic: 11.25” x 13.31” x 7.25” (w-h-d)
NEMA 4X Painted or stainless: 9.84” x 13.65” x 6.2”
NEMA 7: Width 13” x 14.25” x 6.25”
Approvals CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1 & 152 for combustibles & ISA S82.02;
UL 1604 / C22.2 No 213 (NEMA 4X = Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D;
NEMA 7 = Div 1 Groups B, C, D) EN55011 & EN61000 (CE Mark)
Warranty 2 years from date of purchase on electronics
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Fabricado enUnited States
Codigo Arancelario8531100045

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$11,653.24 Dls
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