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FHF   11230020

FHF 11230020


$1,245.78 Dls [9 Semanas]
Teléfono analógico FHF FernTel 3 de escritorio o pared contra la intemperie para uso en interiores y al aire libre. Gabinete resistente a golpes de policarbonato. Tecla de Pantalla en Version con Pantalla. IP65 (IEC60529).


Pantalla y Cable

   9 Semanas  ]


  • Shock-resistant housing (Polycarbonat)
  • Protection degree IP 65 acc. to IEC60529
  • Option Handset can be fixed (stabiliser bracket)
  • Ambient temperature -25° C to +55° C
  • Call tone ≥ 95 dB(A), 1 m
  • Direct key at Diplayversion
  • Receiver volume can be boosted
  • Telefonbook at Displayversion
  • PIN code
  • ZB-Version with call tone unit
  • Assembly-friendly
  • Menu 4 languages

The FernTel 3 telephone of FHF is as stylish for indoor use as it is resistant for outdoor use in areas without explosive atmospheres. The new FernTel 3 is the ideal telephone for many different work areas – seawater, high air humidity, dust and not exactly gentle mechanical stress are no problem for it.

Its modern design is the perfect “packing” for the finest high-tech.

Its striking signal colours ensure the FernTel 3 cannot be missed whenever a telephone is urgently needed, e.g. in emergencies in poor weather and light conditions.

The FernTel 3 is suitable for almost universal use thanks to its amazing transformability.

A deft hand movement and the desk telephone for indoor use is converted into a wall telephone for outside use.

The FernTel 3 is offered in different varia- tions. With 16 buttons without Display or with 21 buttons with Display. Both variations are offered with spiral cord or steel armoured cord. As addition, the FernTel 3 with Display has a direct key. Of course, there is the new FernTel 3 also as Hotline phone (ZB-Variant), with call tone unit.

In the casing-inside there is a keyboard for deposited that Hotline number. One becomes as accessories a stabiliser bracket for applications on movable machines, like for example on Ships.

Technical specification
Connection data
Supply voltage24...66 Vdc
Supply current19... 100 mA
Ringing alternating current30...90 Vac
Ringing frequency16.. 68 Hz
Enquiry key (flash)only for DTMF 80 ms, 120 ms, 600 ms
Dialling procedure (DTMF)Frequencies according to ITU-T Q.23 Tone duration unlimited or 90 ms
Dialling procedure (PD)Pulse/Pause ratio 1.5:1 (60/40 ms) or 2:1 (66.7/33.3 ms)
Ringing volumeApprox. 95 dB(A) at 1 m distance
Housing materialPolycarbonat
Height x Width x Depth293 x 191 x 128 mm
WeightApprox. 2.3 kg
Display2 lines, 16 positions per row, 7x 5 matrix Pictograms
Operating utilization positionTable or vertical wall mounting
Mouthpiece Receiver insetElectret-foil microphone dynamic receiver inset with magnetic field generator
ConnectionsSingle or multiwired up to 2.5 mm
Labelling Power cableTCP/La, TCP/Lb
Labelling Secondary sounderW / W1
Environmental conditions
Phone Ambient operating temp.-25°C...+55°C
LCD Unit Ambient operating temp.-10°C...+50°C
Degree of protection acc. to IEC60529IP 65
Cable glands1x M20 cable gland
1x M20 blind plug
2x M12 blind plug

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