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FHF  11241120


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FHF 11241120
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Teléfono IP FHF FernTel VoIP de escritorio o pared para uso en áreasexplosivas. Zona 2 y 22. Basado en píxeles. Pantalla LCD iluminada. Gabinete de policarbonato. Soporta protocolosH.323, SIP, TSIP y SIPS. Conexión Ethernet LAN 10/100-BASE-T. IP65 (IEC60529). Certificacionesdisponibles: IECEx y UL.

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(2) Opciones para FHF FernTel IP Zone 2
(3) Color para FHF FernTel (VoIP)
(4) Certificación para FHF FernTel 3 Ex

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  • Protection degree IP 65 EN 60529
  • Ambient temperature -20 °C to +55 °C
  • Call tone ͧ 95 dB(A), 1 m
  • Pixel-based, illuminated LCD Display
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Intelligent and user-friendly menu structure
  • Standard H.323, SIP, TSIP, SIPS protocols
  • Power supply Power over Ethernet
  • Connection to 10/100-BASE-T Ethernet LAN

This new telephone with a housing made of impact-resistant and shock- proof polycarbonate is approved for zone 2 / 22 according ATEX.

Within the field of chemical and petrochemical industry combustible atmospheres result repeatedly from procedural progress eventually caused by gas, steam or exhalation.

Due to its striking signal colour the FernTel IP / zone 2 / 22 cannot be missed whenever a telephone is urgently needed in zone 2 / 22.

Further advantages concerning the employment in areas with high air humidity and explosive atmospheres are given by the use of an impact-proof thermoplast housing as well as screws made of stainless steel.

The device is easily converted from a wall telephone to a desk telephone.

The FernTel IP / zone 2 / 22 allows efficient working with high comfort completed by the illuminated key- pad and display. The standardized features according to H.450 are supported.

The FernTel IP / zone 2 / 22 offers features of high quality based on industrial standards instead of proprietary solutions.

Technical specification
Keypadwith stainless steel plate
Housing Dimensionsheight x width x depth 293 x 191 x 128 mm
Weightapprox. 2.4 kg
Protection DegreeAcc. to IEC60529 IP 65
Power SupplyPower over LAN (IEEE 802.3af)
Connection10/100-BASE-T Ethernet LAN
Ringing Volumeapprox. 95 dB(A) at 1 m distance
Display128 x 64 Pixel
Temperature Range-20 °C to +55 °C
ProtocolH.323, SIP, TSIP, SIPS
totalH.323 version 4 incl. H.225, H.235, H.245 and RAS Gatekeeper routed Signalling, H.450 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) RTP, SRTP Real Time Protocol
RTCPReal Time Control Protocol – first level of Quality of Service
RAS ProtocolSupport for External Gatekeeper
DTMFH.245 Alphanumeric or Signal Type
Additional VoIP-FeaturesH.245 Fast Connect En-block dialling Overlapped Sending
SecurityPassword Protected Administration
Encoded Password Authorization acc. to H.235
Quality of ServicePriority of IP-Packages acc. to TOS and DiffServ, VLAN Priority acc. to IEEE 802.1p / 802.1q
Voice EncodingG.711 A-law / μ-law (64 kbps), G.723.1 (5.3 kbps), G.729A (16kbps)
Echo CompensationG.168
Accessvia HTML Web-Browser
Password protected authentication
TroubleshootingLog- and Trace-Files, State Display of Interfaces and Connections, Ping Connection Test sending of SNMP Traps over Internet Protocol
UpdateConfiguration recording/reading, Boot code and firmware update via HTML upload, Automatic update via Update-Server
DSL-AccessPPPoE Protocol
VPNTunnelling with PPTP Encoding via MPPE
NATNetwork Address Translation – for Transformation of official IP Addresses into private IP Addresses and vice versa
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol – IP interfaces settings
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol – for Ping tests
Dial Tone GenerationAutomatic Dial tone Generation European and US Standard
Call TransferCall Transfer with/without consultation call
Call DiversionCall Diversion Unconditional, Busy, No Reply
Call Hold / RetrieveCall Hold / Retrieve
Call WaitingCall Waiting inclusive Signalling of second Call Information
Calling Name IdentificationName Display
3 Party Conference3 Party Conference of internal and/or external Subscriber
Calling Number IdentificationDisplay of Calling Number
Multiple RegistrationsUp to 6 Registrations
Telephone BookLocal, Integration of an External Database
Time/DateExact Time and Date Information via Time Server

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