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Detectores de Fuga de Gases y Flama, Analizadores, Dispositivos de Alarma y Gases de Calibracion

FHF  11264380


$2,210.75 Dls    Tiempo de Embarque: 9 Semanas
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FHF 11264380

Teléfono IP FHF ResistTel VoIP contra la intemperie para uso en interiores y al aire libre. Pantalla LCD iluminada basada en píxeles. Teclado V4A. Soporta protocolosH.323, SIP, TSIP y SIPS. Conexión Ethernet LAN 10/100-BASE-T. IP66. (EN 60529).

Parte# con Opciones:        11264380
Precio con Opciones:        2,210.75


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  Tiempo de Embarque 9 Semanas  ]


  • IP 66 protection class as per IEC60529
  • Ambient temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C (heated display)
  • Ring signal ͧ 98 dB(A) at a distance of 1 m
  • Pixel-based illuminated LCD display
  • V4A keypad
  • Intelligent, user friendly menu structure
  • Standard H.323, SIP, TSIP, SIPS protocols
  • Power supply: Power over Ethernet or external supply
  • Simply connected to a single 10/100 BASE T Ethernet LAN, RJ45

Proven technology from FHF makes the ResistTel IP2 suitable for all outdoor applications.

The new ResistTel IP2 is the ideal unit for all kinds of weather conditions at a wide variety of very diverse facilities – whether sea water, high humidity or extreme mechanical demands.

The housing is made of impact and shock resistant fiberglass-reinforced polyester. Even acids, alkalis or lubricants have no effect on the housing. Its robust design is the perfect “packaging” to meet the latest require- ments demanded of VoIP telephones for outdoor use. It is always available when a telephone is urgently needed, such as in emergency situations.

The ResistTel IP2 makes work more effective by providing especially convenient telephone services.

An illuminated, heated display rounds out the convenience features of the ResistTel IP2.

It also supports all features of the H.450 standard.

The ResistTel IP2 offers high-quality features based on industry standards and our decades of experience.

A headset, available as accessory equipment, can be easily connected to the telephone. A handsfree function is also integrated into the unit.

Display182 x 64 pixels
ProtocolsH.323, SIP, TSIP, SIPS
GeneralH.323 Version 4 including H.225, H.235, H.245 and RAS
Gatekeeper routed signalling, H.450, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) RTP, SRTP real time protocol – for voice data transmission
RTCPReal Time Control Protocol – first level of “Quality of Service”
RAS protocolSupport for an external gatekeeper
DTMFH.245 “Alphanumeric” or “Signal Type”
Additional VoIP featuresH.245 fast connect en-bloc dialing overlapped sending
SecurityEncrypted password authentication as per H.235
Quality of ServiceIP packet prioritization via TOS and DiffServ
VLAN priority as per IEEE 802.1p / 802.1q
Audio codecsG.711 A-law / μ-law (64 kbps), G.729A (16 kbps)
Echo compensationG.168
AccessHTML via web browser
Password protected with secure authentication
TroubleshootingLog and trace files and status display of interfaces and connections
Ping connection test for Internet Protocol, sending of SNMP traps
UpdatesConfiguration save and restore
Boot code and firmware updates via HTML upload
Automatic updating via update server
DSL accessPPPoE protocol
VPNTunnelling with PPTP Encoding via MPPE
NATNetwork Address Translation – for Transformation of official IP Addresses into private IP Addresses and vice versa
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol – IP interfaces settings
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol – for Ping tests
Call signal generationAutomatic call signal generation as per European and US standards
Call TransferCall Transfer in all common variants: with/without asking, before/after answering, etc.
Call DiversionCall Diversion / Redirection
Call HoldCall Hold / Retrieve
Call WaitingCall Waiting with corresponding signaling to calling party
MessageTelephone displays that a message is waiting
PickupTelephone displays that a call can be picked up
Pickup listTelephone displays a list of calls that can be picked up
Name displayFor signaling which name should be displayed
Call backCall Completion with all common variants such as call back when busy and call back when free
3-way conferenceWith 3 parties, also external parties
Caller IDFor special signaling of individual phone numbers or phone number groups
Multiple RegistrationsUp to 6 Registrations
Telephone BookAll registrations available automatically from central telephone book
External databases integrated via LDAP
TimePrecisely accurate time data via time server access
Technical specification
Connection Data
PowerPowered via Power over Ethernet as per IEEE 802.3af, or via external 48-V DC PoE power supply (44 V min., 57 V max.)
Voltage of external power supply when not using the optional electrically isolated inputs15 V - 57 V DC
Voltage of external power supply when using the optional electrically isolated inputs21.5 V - 57 V DC
Power consumption13 W
ConnectionRJ45 port (10/100 Mbit/s)
Ring signal volumeApprox. 98 dB(A) maximum at a distance of 1 m
Housing (height x width x depth)293 x 227 x 135 mm
Weight (standard model)approx. 5,000 g
Display182 x 64 pixels
Mounting positionVertical wall mounting
Switching capacity of optional relay240 V AC, 6A
24 V DC, 6A
32 V DC, 5A
48 V DC, 1A
Voice capsuleElectret microphone
Earpiece capsuleDynamic capsule with magnetic field generator
Handset securing mechanism in cradleStandard equipment
Environmental Conditions
Ambient operating temperature-40 °C...+70 °C
Transport and storage temperature-40 °C...+80 °C
Protection classIP66 as per IEC 60529
Impact resistanceIK09 as per EN IEC 62262:2002

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