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FHF  11327101

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Teléfono de Pared FHF Ex Howl-Call 5220 alimentado por sonido para uso en condicionesextremas (atmósferasexplosivasy fuego húmedo). Sin amplificador de sonido. Telefonía sin fuente de alimentación. IP54.

$1,097.78 Dls    

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  • Telephony without power supply
  • Protection degree IP 54
  • Wide range of accessories
  • For rough conditions

If you want or need to telephone in areas where this is normally not possible, you need a sound-powered telephone system. Operation without external power supply and complex equipment, sound-powered telephony is ideal for communications whenever there is no power supply available, e.g. at blast furnaces, in tunnelling or mining, or off shore on oil rigs or high-sea steamers, and provides a direct connection to the switchboard, base, bridge or colleagues on the surface. Or wherever.

This surprisingly easy, but effective method is already used widely to call for material, report faults or save lives.


The howl-call telephone is a sound-powered device with highly efficient dynamic transmitter and receiver cap sules offering communication without power supply. The call signal is generated by turning the rotary knob with an audio frequency dynamo. All telephones are equipped with an extremely sturdy, impact-resistant and weatherproof housing and have suc cess fully proven their worth in years of oper ation in mining, tunnelling, on building sites and in industrial operations. Their range is approximately 10 km.

Technical specification
Hand telephone 5069
Expl. protection classII 1 G Ex ia IIC T6
I M1 Ex ia I
ApprovalBVS 03 ATEX E 433
WeightApprox. 2.3 kg

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FHF  11326201

Teléfono de Mano FHF Ex Howl-Call 5069 alimentado por sonido para uso en condicionesextremas (atmósferasexplosivasy fuego húmedo). Telefonía sin fuente de alimentación. IP54.


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