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FHF   11286201

FHF 11286201

ZONA 1 Y 2

$2,220.42 Dls [9 Semanas]
Teléfono FHF Ex-Telephone ResistTel con conectores ciegos para entrada de cables de metal M20 x 1,5. A prueba de explosión, resistente a la intemperie e industrial. ManosLibres. Certificado para atmósferas de polvo y gas. IP66 (EN 60529).


Tapones ciegos M25
Tapones ciegos M20

   9 Semanas  ]


  • Handsfree
  • Temperature range
  • -25 °C to +60 °C
  • Certified for dust and gas atmospheres
  • Display
  • IP 66 EN 60529
  • Different housing colours

Communication devices for use in hazar dous areas in the industry have to be especially well adapted to the extreme ope rating conditions they will be exposed to.

Our Ex-telephone has been de veloped for operation in the petro -chemical industry, on off-shore plants, in mills and harbours, which means it is resistant to large temperature differences, air humi dity, sea water, dust and strong mechanical wear and tear. It is certified for use in hazardous dust and gas atmospheres.

The ExResistTel is completely programmable, and has been equipped with a 21-piece stainless (V4A) steel keypad designed for use with gloves. Letters and figures are presented clearly on the alphanumerical display.

The ExResistTel also boasts all the convenient features that have become standard in the field of office communication.

A string of optional extras and components – especially certified for hazardous areas – makes our telephone even more functional.

Our ExResistTel is the correct decision for a safe connection – convenient and reliable in hazardous areas.

Technical specification
Types of protectionII 2 G EEx em[ib] IIC T5
II 2 D IP66 T100 °C
-25 °C ͨ T a ͨ 60 °C

II 2 G EEx em[ib] IIC T6
II 2 D IP66 T80 °C
-25 °C ͨ T a ͨ 40 °C
ApprovalDMT 02 ATEX E 183
Line voltage24 V DC to 66 V DC
Line current15 mA DC to 100 mA DC
Ringing alternating current24 V AC to 90 V AC (at 21...54 Hz ringing frequency)
30 V AC to 90 V AC (at 16,6...54 Hz ringing frequency)
Ringing impedanceGreater than 6,0 KΩ at 25 Hz and 24...90 V AC.
Greater than 4,0 KΩ at 50 Hz and 24...90 V AC.
Inquiry keyFlash function adjustable from 40ms to 399ms
Dialling procedurePD-DTMF operation to be set in the menu.
PD operation where the pulse/pause ratio can be set to 1.5:1 or 2:1 in the menu.
W-conductorConnection for external secondary sounder.
Screw terminalsUp to 4 mm 2 rigid. Up to 2.5 mm 2 flexible.
MaterialGlass-fibre-reinforced polyester
Height x Width x DepthApprox. 266 mm x 227 mm x 135 mm
WeightApprox. 5.5 kg
Display2-line alphanumerical display with pictograms.
Visible area approx. 78 mm x 26 mm.
KeypadMetal keypad with ice protection.
21 keys with ABC lettering for name entries.
Stabilizer bracketIntegrated, adjustable stabilizer bracket.
Handset cordStainless steel (V4A) armoured handset cord.
Receiver insetDynamic receiver inset with leakage field spool for inductive coupling of hearing aids.
MouthpieceElectret-foil microphone
Noise suppressionGreater than 3dB due to integrated mouthpiece horn mouth.
Environmental conditions
Degree of protectionIP 66 according to EN60529
Impact protectionIK 09 according to EN50102
Operation temperature-25 °C to +60 °C for temperature class T5
-25 °C to +40 °C for temperature class T6
Storage temperature-25 °C to +70 °C
Further characteristics
Optical call signallingDisplay shows bell icon
Ringing sound pressure levelApprox. 90 dB(A) at 1m distance
Ringing melodies10 melodies selectable
Listening by loudspeakerMaximum sound pressure level approx. 68 dB (A) at 1m distance.
Handsfree operationMaximum sound pressure level approx. 68 dB (A) at 1m distance.
Amplified listening in receiverReceiver volume can be boosted in 7 steps from 0 –12 dB(A).
MenusIn several language
Telephone directoryMax. 50 entries (names and numbers)

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