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Receptor de repuesto para Detector de Gas Infrarrojo (IR) Honeywell Sieger Searchline Excel de trazado abierto para hidrocarburos (metano, etano, propano, butano, pentano, etileno, propileno, etanol y Metanol) 0-5 LEL / metro. Versión estándar. Alcance corto. Hasta 650 rangos de operación. Gabinete de acero inoxidable 316 y tubo de xenón. Aprobado por ATEX, EExd, UL, CSA y FM. IP66 e IP67.


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The Searchline Excel is the world’s best selling infrared open path gas detector with over 6,000 units installed in challenging applications throughout industry. From the Arctic Circle to Middle Eastern Deserts, customers have repeatedly selected the Searchline Excel as their preferred choice.

The fundamental design of Searchline Excel has remained the same since its original launch and it continues to lead the field. Other manufacturers have tried unsuccessfully to develop comparable instruments but none have the experience or technology that is utilized in Searchline Excel.

Being in this dominant position has not meant that we have neglected our close relationships with key users. In fact, we have been listening carefully and working together with them to make the best even better! As a direct result of customer feedback Searchline Excel is even easier to align and has the option of an industry standard MODBUS digital output.

Searchline Excel is totally immune to interference from sunlight or any other sources of radiation such as flare stacks, arc welding or lightning.

This is achieved by using a xenon flash lamp that is actually brighter than the sun at the infrared detection wavelengths and solid state detectors with a wide dynamic range.

The lamp is also modulated to have a unique pulse duration and shape. The receiver then uses high speed digital signal processing to validate that all the signals received have this unique signature and rejects any extraneous signals

Why open path gas detection?

Open path detectors compliment the use of individual point detectors and offer many significant benefits including:

  • Wider area coverage - most likely to pick up any leak
  • Very high speed of response
  • NO unrevealed failure modes - no possibility of blocked gas path to detector
  • Detector location not as critical
  • Indicates size of hazard

The multi drop Modbus capability can enable significant savings in installation and cabling costs. A single comms cable can be run between up to 32 detectors instead of the usual ‘home run’ required for each detector. Additionally, the 2 way digital communication protocol allows configuration, warning and fault diagnosis information to be communicated back to the control room. This reduces servicing and maintenance costs as the operator can diagnose the state of any individual unit before deciding to send anyone into the field.

Based on the proven open path design, Searchline Excel Cross-Duct was developed in response to the unique requirements for monitoring in HVAC ducting and Turbine Enclosures.

The Difference

The patented optical design used in Searchline Excel has proven itself as the only solution available that fully addresses all the challenges of open path gas detection. Unlike some competitive devices, it does not try to hide fundamental design inadequacy with the use of software masks that can compromise the unit’s ability to detect gas. Searchline Excel employs a patented double band pass filter that fully compensates for all types of fog and/ or rain thereby allowing it to continue operate accurately and reliably in all climatic conditions.


  • Offshore platforms & vessels (FPSO’s)
  • Downstream chemical processing plants
  • Gas transport and pipelines
  • Large storage areas & buildings
Features & benefits

  • Fast speed of response provides earliest warning
  • High sensitivity allows low alarm set points
  • Alignment free design makes installation simple
  • Duct flex and vibration tolerance keeps the system online
  • Integral functional gas test facility allows for simple system check
  • Contamination resistant optics reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance
  • Not affected by interference from water vapour
  • Immune to catalytic poisons
  • Works in inert atmospheres

Available Gases: Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Ethylene, Propylene, Ethanol, Methanol.
Range: 0 to 5 LEL.m.
Recommended Alarm Settings: (Low) 1.0 LEL.m; (high) 3.0 LEL.m.
Path Lengths: Short Range 5 to 40m (15 to 130 ft.), Medium Range 40 to 120m (130 to 390ft.) and Long Range 120 to 200m (390 to 650ft.)
Speed of Response: T90 less than 3 seconds. (under normal operating conditions).
Output Signal: 4 to 20mA (maximum loop resistance 600 ohms; source & sink available) and RS485.
21mA Over range.
4 to 20mA Normal operation (0 to 5 LELm).
3mA (1) Dirty optics.
2.5mA (1) Beam blocked.
2mA (1) Inhibit.
0mA Fault.
Digital Output: Modbus RS485 multi drop. Using DVC100(m) or DX100(m).
Operating Temperature: -40 to +65°C (-40 to 150°F).
Operating Humidity: 0 to 99% RH (non-condensing).
Operating Pressure: 91.5 to 105.5 KPa (915 to 1055 mbar) (non-compensated).
Warm-up Time: Less than 5 minutes (operational), or less than 1 hour (fully stabilised).
Power Supply: 18V to 32V dc.
Power Consumption: Short Range TX: 3.5 / 5.0*W maximum. Medium and Long Range TX: 5.5 / 7.5*W maximum. RX: 8W maximum.
Enclosure Material: 316 stainless steel.
Weight (inc. mounting bracket) Short Range TX: 3.5kg. Medium and Long Range TX: 7kg. RX: 3.5kg.
Vibration: 2 to 60Hz, max ptp amplitude 1mm.
Misalignment Tolerance: Short Range ±0.5o (±~35cm at 40m). Medium Range ±0.5a (±~104cm at 120m). Long Range ±0.5o (±~170cm @ 200m).
EMC Standards: EN50270:1999
Performance Approval: FM performance approved.
Safety Approval: ATEX: EExd IIC T5(-40°C to +65°C).
EExd IIC T6(-40°C to +40°C).
II 2G.
UL: Class 1 Div 1 Groups B,C + D and Class 1 Zone 1 AEx d IIB + H2 (Tamb -40°C to +65°C).
CSA: Class 1 Div 1 Groups B,C + D, T5 and Exd IIC T5 (Tamb -40°C to +65°C).
FM: Class 1 Div 1 Groups B,C and D
Other: SAA, GOSST.
Independently assessed to IEC61508
I.P. Rating: IP66 and IP67.
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