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Detector de gas Simrad GD10p infrarrojo (IR) para combustibles: Etileno (C2H4), Propano (C3H8), Metano (CH4) y Dióxido de Carbono (CO2) para instalaciones en altamar. Incluye salida de 4-20 mA con HART. 24 VDC. Aprobado por: ATEX, CSA/US, IECEx, INMETRO, ABS, SIL y MED.

Parte# con Opciones:        GD10-P00-17DG-0XH
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(1) Gas para Simrad GD10P
(2) Certificación para Simrad GD10P
(3) Interfaz para Simrad GD10P
Protector para Intemperie
(4) Protector para Intemperie para Simrad GD10P
Gabinete de Flujo
(5) Gabinete de Flujo para Simrad GD10P
Montaje de Conducto
(6) Montaje de Conducto para Simrad GD10P
Set de Mosquitos
(7) Set de Mosquitos para Simrad GD10P
(8) Parasol para Simrad GD10P

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Configuraciones Estandard tipicamente disponibles en Existencia:
GD10-P00-17DG-0B    GD10-P00-17DG-0X    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-FH    GD10-P00-17DG-0BH-FH    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0BH-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0BH-FH-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-FH-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-00    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-00-FH    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-00-FH-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-00-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-FH    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0XH-FH-DF    GD10-P00-17DG-0BH-00

The Simrad GD10P detector is the benchmark for combustible gas detection on offshore installations. It has set the standard for gas detectors in the areas of safety, stability and low maintenance. GD1OP comes with 5 years warranty.

The GD1OPhas been designed with features that provide an effective response to the detection of gas hazards in a wide range of industrial environments from boiler plant rooms to offshore petrochemical installations.

These infrared gas detectors differ from all other models, because they utilise silicon based solid-state infrared sources. The complete optomechanical design and construction is so stable that an ultra fast speed of response can be achieved whilst providing unparalleled service life and detector stability, thus saving on maintenance and service costs.

We offer the longest combined detector and IR source warranty on the market.

For retrofit applications, a bridge interface is available allowing the detector to be connected directly to catalytic systems, using the existing cabling and control modules.

Supplied with worldwide performance and hazardous area approvals. Suitable for use in SIL 2 systems.

An industry standard HART interface is used for configuration of the optional fast response time and special fault levels as well as access to extended maintenance data.


  • Solid state IR sources [SimSourceTM]
  • High IR source flash rate
  • True dual path, double compensation optical design
  • Selectable response rate
  • Dual layer weather protector
  • Early dirty optics warning
  • Improved preventative maintenance
  • Integral termination compartment
  • Low power consumption
  • Independently heated mirror and lens

  • Superior long term performance compared to filament lamps
  • Improved stability and speed of response
  • No recalibration, monitors and accounts for all changes in optical path
  • Fastest IR point detector on the market, ideal for speed critical applications
  • No mesh, gauze, hydrophobic filters or sinters = No delay, no failure on demand
  • Reduced installation time, the unit is ready out of the box
  • Reduces load on UPS
  • High performance detection in rough environmental condition

Detection method IR-absorption, dual wavelength, dual path
IR-Source Solid state IR source, 50Hz flash
Gases detected Hydrocarbons, see separate data sheet
for C02 detection
Self-test Continuous
Calibration Factory set, no field recalibration
Configuration HART (response time, fault levels)
Lifetime stability *) ±5% of full scale (FS) reading
Accuracy *) ±3% FS between 0-50 % reading
±5% FS between 50-100 % reading
Response time T20 = 1 sec. (0.3 sec)
Configurable T50 = 2.5 sec. (0.7 sec)
T90 = 6 sec. (1.6 sec)
Start-up time *) Less than 60 sec .
  *) Refers to -20°C to + 45°C
Standard Current source 4 - 20 mA, max. load impedance 500 Ohm
Option Current sink 4 - 20 mA
HART® Maintenance and configuration
Detector warnings:
- Early clean optics
- Dirty optics
- Detector failure
Configurable (HART)
Pre warning (2 mA)
Dirt accumulation (1 mA)
Internal fault (0 mA)
Power supply 24 VDC, range18-32 VDC
Power consumption Approx. 3.5 W
Connection 3 wires [0.5mm2 - 1.5mm2)
Cable entry M20 EExe cable gland
Storage -40°C to + 70°C (-40°F to + 158°F)
Operating -40°C to + 65°C (-40°F to + 149°F)
Humidity (operation) 100% RH
Main compartment EExd IIC T6
Terminal cornp. EExe
Protection category IP66/IP67 DIN 40050
Housing material Stainless steel 5152343 (ASTM 316)
Weight Approx. 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)
Dimensions 264L x 104W x 106H (mm)
10.4 x 4.1 x 4.2 (inches)
CSA 1773527 (100 % LEL Methane)
IECEx NEM 07.006
ABS # 04-LD444057-PDA
SIL Qualified for SIL2 systems
MED B - 5901
Methane 0-100 %LEL, 0-100 %Vol
Propane 0-100 %LEL
Other versions are available, please contact your dealer
Required, select one  
- Weather protection
- Sample flow housing
- Duct mount kit

For standard point detector
For sampling systems and testing
For through wall installation
Mosquito net Extra insect protection
Sun shade Shielding for extreme radiation exposure
5 years full warranty on complete instrument
15 years warranty on the IR-sources
Export Info
Fabricado enFrance
Codigo Arancelario9027102000

    140-816580 Terminal de mano Simtronics para detector de gas GD10P ..

    599-904176 Tapa/cubierta para boquilla de gases de prueba para Detector de gas Simrad GD10P. ..

    100-12P0.5 Regulador de flujo preestablecido Portagas 100-12P para CilindrosPortagreen 58DS, 103DS, 100 GAL, 58DAL, 58 GAL y 34DAL. Para cilindros de Aluminio (DAL) y Acero (DS) Desechables. manguera de 3/16". Entrada C-10 (5/8"-18UNF) ..

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