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TYCO   4099-9004

TYCO 4099-9004


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Tyco Simplex 4099-9004 addressable manual station with communication module for IDNet or MAPNET II. LED indicator. Breakglass or push operation. Surface or Flush mounting. NEMA 1. Complies with ADA requirements. UL listed.



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Features Individually addressable manual fire alarm stations with:
  • Power and data supplied by IDNet or MAPNET II addressable communications using a single wire pair
  • Operation that complies with ADA requirements
  • Visible LED indicator that flashes during communications and is on steady when the station has been activated
  • The NO GRIP Single Action Station and Retrofit Kit are available with a more easily operated pull lever for applications where anticipated users may find the standard station lever difficult to activate
  • Pull lever that protrudes when alarmed
  • Break-rod supplied (use is optional)
  • Models are available with single or double action (breakglass or push) operation
  • UL listed to Standard 38
  • NEMA 1 rated. See Addressable manual station product selection for more information.
Compatible with the following Simplex control panels:
  • Model Series 4007ES, 4008, 4010, 4010ES, 4100ES, 4100U, 4020, 4100, and 4120 fire alarm control panels equipped with either IDNet or MAPNET II communications
  • Model Series 2120 Communicating Device Transponders (CDTs) equipped with MAPNET II communications
Compact construction:
  • Electronics module enclosure minimizes dust infiltration
  • Allows mounting in standard electrical boxes
  • Screw terminals for wiring connections
Tamper resistant reset key lock, keyed same as Simplex fire alarm cabinets. Multiple mounting options:
  • Surface or semi-flush with standard boxes or matching Simplex boxes
  • Flush mount adapter kit
  • Adapters are available for retrofitting to commonly available existing boxes

The Simplex addressable manual station combines the familiar Simplex manual station housing with a compact communication module that is easily installed to satisfy demanding applications. Its integral individual addressable module (IAM) constantly monitors status and communicates changes to the connected control panel through IDNet or MAPNET II communications wiring.


Activation of the 4099-9004 single action manual station requires a firm downward pull to activate the alarm switch. Completing the action breaks an internal plastic break-rod which is visible below the pull lever, use is optional. The use of a break-rod can be a deterrent to vandalism without interfering with the minimum pull requirements needed for easy activation. The pull lever latches into the alarm position and remains extended out of the housing to provide a visible indication.

Single Action NO GRIP Station 4099-9021. For applications such as California Building Code, Title 24, which requires "Controls and operating mechanisms shall be operable with one hand and shall not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist" the model 4099-9021 station provides a more easily operated pull lever compared to standard stations. Retrofit of existing stations is available using the 4099-9805 Retrofit kit.

Double Action Stations (Breakglass) require the operator to strike the front mounted hammer to break the glass and expose the recessed pull lever. The pull lever then operates as a single action station.

Double Action Stations (Push Type) require that a spring loaded interference plate, marked PUSH, be pushed back to access the pull lever of the single action station.

Station reset requires the use of a key to reset the manual station lever and deactivate the alarm switch. If you use the break-rod, you must replace it.

Station testing is performed by physical activation of the pull lever. You can also perform electrical testing by unlocking the station housing to activate the alarm switch.

Power and communicationsIDNet or MAPNET II communications, 1 address for each station
Address meansDIP switch, 8 position
Wire connectionsScrew terminal for in/out wiring, for 18 AWG to 14 AWG wire (0.82 mm to 2.08 mm )
UL listed temperature range32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C) intended for indoor operation
Humidity rangeUp to 93% RH at 100°F (38°C)
Housing colorRed with white raised lettering
MaterialHousing and pull lever are Lexan polycarbonate or equal
Pull lever colorWhite with red raised lettering
Housing dimensions5 in. H x 3 3/4 in. W x 1 in. D (127 mm x 95 mm x 25 mm)

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